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tv   Presidents Announcement on Jobs - Remarks by Gov. Walker  CSPAN  July 26, 2017 11:46pm-11:58pm EDT

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and not. >>. >> this afternoon a great date to be at the white house and also to be sure
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the president and to have those operations from my secretary in in ceo got on a plane to do come here to talk with terry and his team and could not be more thrilled with multiple trips to various parts of the state of wisconsin.
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in from those other regional partners to see what they talk about witches the state of the art technology that they're building here in america so they cannot be more thrilled with the announcement but our commitment of $3 billion that is roughly half of capital investment of the workforce investment with a small portion with the new facilities and we cannot put
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that just like silicon valley or for that matter that this would be transracial end in with the engineering and other high-tech position. is to be at least 22,000 and this is one of the biggest in the nation.
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>> day have looked at two parts and that will determine their thrilled to be here. >>. >> one of the key things that is the work force some of the government it has
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been strong for him and others and to insure there is a good partnership going forward so this is the biggest incentive package to introduce legislation we already have good cooperation for the minority leader the they are all on board so even if for my trip overseas this is like anything i have seen but in terms of job creation this is the fact that a company like this is looking to be focused.
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we're proud that they wrote to the challenge and we are ready and they are made in america. >> and within the next there tarot we will put out legislation that we have every belief on the area which was well lit a successful because when the chairman came with those business partners and they
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went to but then with tom brady in new jersey was almost like something off of scsi the way they consume in to find the person with the security cameras and then track down and and then new arena that is clearly not controversial support and then combined with the fact with 10,000 jobs so will
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take people from all levels. >> and sun. we a letter last week he is all in and went to help out but when you're talking 10,000 construction jobs we're talking 150 different suppliers. when you see that there from all over the state of wisconsin. so all the members of congress than they were
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super. the members of congress were all standing. >> where does the of a work force come from?. >> is a combination that we had this to ciller from milwaukee -- chancellor from the university of nevada. we will scale up that system with computer science in engineering students all
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across the midwest looking at that ecosystem. >>
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